Week #1

On July 1st, I received my key to Gallery on Park. Welcome to The Renovating.

behind counter.jpg

I am excited as I visualize and dream of what is to come, but also trying to figure out how I didn't notice the drop ceiling that needs some serious TLC. :0

With a little help from my friends, old signage came down, paint was stripped and my front door got a face lift!

friends 3.jpg
friends 2.jpg
friends 1.jpg




While cleaning out old filing cabinets, I found a few remnants from long ago businesses that used to inhabit this space.  Victorian Design Studio was here when we would physically cut, paste and copy to make signage. 

Victorian Design Studio paper.jpg

Today was demo day and I cleared out the back hallway which will serve as my storage area.

Before hallway.jpg
After hallway.jpg
demo pile.jpg

I am not a slap on a coat of paint and call it a day kind of girl because if I did that I wouldn't get to use my power tools. Whee.....demo is fun!

This coming week, I plan to prep, prime and paint and install the floor in the hallway and bathroom. Usually it takes me 3X longer to renovate than I expect. Fingers crossed and wish me luck! xo